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10 Years ::: The Iraq War


Ugandan Slaves to U.S. Troops ::: The Iraq War

This month marks 10 years since the U.S. invaded Iraq. We hear U.S. political leaders talk on how they have made strides in Iraq, with voting and becoming more self reliant. However, what is the legacy that this war will leave the world? BBC reported in 2011 that over 100 Ugandan Women that went to Iraq in 2009 were unaccounted for. They went to Iraq to work for high wages and instead were bought, enslaved, raped and beaten. I remember when I first heard this story, I was in shock. How are Ugandan women being enslaved by Iraqi people… aren’t they in war? Click Here to read how one women escaped this horrible circumstance. Years later the story continues, many of these women are now saying that their “employers” might have profited from their body parts. Yes, body parts, some of the women say that they underwent surgical procedures without their consent. Click Here to read more of this ordeal. Today supposedly almost all of the women are no longer “working” in Iraq. From Ugandan women slaves to thousand of U.S. troops, the war in Iraq has been grave and grim. The numbers are even more horrid, as of January 2012…  $9 billion are unaccounted for or lost from the Iraq War, In 2009 $7.3 Billion was used monthly in Iraq. The US Troop casualties of the Iraq War is 4,487, 32,223 have been wounded and 30 % of US soldiers who served in the Iraq War have developed serious mental health problems within 4 months of returning home. Click here to read more Iraq War statistics and let’s not forget the normal war stuff like, torture, bombs, and the innocent women and children that have died. Corruption, human rights violations, casualties, over- spending, sounds like the legacy that this war will leave the world.. typical, right? I guess war is ugly no matter how you dress it. Ten years later, the war continues…

10 years ago I never thought the U.S. would still be in Iraq. I remember a time when the U.S. wasn’t involved in multiple wars, pumping billions of dollars and thousand of troops into the Middle East. Memories…

In the words of Chinese military General, Sun Tzu.. “All war is Deception”

Maybe this is the major war of my time, just like my parents had theirs, and their parents..

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” – George Santayana

* The above photo is taken by one of my favorite photographers, Jerome Delay of Associated Press

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