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4 Things…

It is a new day and a new work week so instead of voicing my habitual Monday complaints; I have decided to write the 4 things I am most grateful for. Gratitude lists in my opinion are quite cheesy. We all should just be grateful and you don’t have to write it down. However, writing is very powerful. Writing to me, can bring things to life and change one’s condition. So here are my 4 things.

1.  Nature – The little things like a calm breeze, leaves changing color or a sidewalk shadow through the afternoon sunshine, warms my heart. Being a city person, I don’t get to really enjoy nature as much as I should. Therefore, the little bits of it are simply magical to me. I appreciate the crisp morning air, down to the shimmering stars in the nighttime sky. Nature is beauty.

2. Love – Yes, Love is the ultimate pleasure, pain and peace. There is nothing like love. I am so glad it’s in my life and in my heart. I was conceived from love and it is the very essence of who I am. A day without love, is no day at all.

3. Good Health–  Yes, everyday I feel no physical pain or sickness, I am thankful for. Even when I do, I know it could always be worse. Good Health is a prize in today’s society and I am so grateful for every breath of life, I inhale and exhale.

4. Memories – Our memories are the closest thing we have to time travel. There is nothing like a good memory, that can spark up a laugh, a tear or a smile. My memories give me inspiration and everyday I get to wake up is a new chance to create them.

AHH, this post is quite refreshing. A wise man once said, when you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears. So whether you decide to write it down or just think it, be grateful.

FYI- the pic is a view from my rooftop in Brooklyn, NY.


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