IMG_0544 Mo Osinubi

Mo Osinubi is a Marketing Professional, Writer and Artist based in New York City with work experience in Social Services, Office Management, Events, Hospitality and Education. She has worked with various companies in which she has gained a distinguished level of dexterity and expertise.

In 2004, she designed the Official T-shirts for AIDS Walk of Boston. Soon After she became the recipient of Airlift Ideas Award and founded “Get Behind the Curtain”, A get -out the vote (GOTV) city-wide campaign that targeted Millennials 18-29 in Chicago.

She currently is a freelance marketing consultant and copyeditor/writer for various brands in the New York Area. A true writer at heart, she founded this blog in late 2009 and continues to write about life, news, and inspiration.

” I am a miracle born into a paradox called earth. Raised in Urban, USA. Whose dream and passion is to create change and speak for the silenced. Young and old, understood and confused, ready and unprepared for this journey.  So,  join me…”


DSC00472Ms. Guidance 

A Harvard graduate with over 20 years of experience in education, Ms. Guidance is a licensed urban high school Guidance Counselor and employee of Boston Public Schools. She has done extensive work with families and community-based organizations as a Parent Liaison and Certified Paralegal.  She also is an Adjunct Professor at a local Graduate School of Education, training School Guidance and School Adjustment Counseling students towards certification and state licensure

In addition to her amazing career in education, she is a mother and matriarch who has amazing insight.  Her monthly post will be a great source of inspiration and information for all readers.

“Education is the great equalizer.  It is the key to equity and access.”