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Do you trust your insurer?

geico-gecko-16I don’t… but then again the people and things I trust, I can count on one hand. So which one is  best? I have sparked some healthy debate amongst my friends and everyone has different opinions. Ironically some of my favorite TV commercials are by insurance companies. I absolutely love “Geico” Commercials, the cavemen and the gecko add a level of humor that is unmatched. “Progressive” is my second favorite with their trusty sales lady, Flo. She is great, dressed in all white saying witty comments left and right, it is pretty entertaining between my sitcoms and sports games. However, what really happens when you get in an accident or your basement floods ? Are they as nice and dependable as commercials make them out to be? This article tells you the 5 things you should never say to your insurer. It seems like being on the phone with your insurer is similar to being on the phone with the devil, making a deal. Every little thing you say can be flagged and used against you. So the real question is … Do you trust your insurer ?



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