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Do you trust your politicians?

The Presidential Election season is heating up and local elections are in full swing. So do you trust your politician? Across the country Americans are voting for politicians that make promises of brighter days and much-needed changes. But because you vote for a particular candidate, doesn’t necessarily mean you trust who you’re voting for.. or does it?  Look at Obama for example, in 2008 his entire campaign was centered around change. “Yes We Can” echoed out across the nation and after 8 years of George W. Bush, change is just what we needed. Now almost 4 years later, Obama has changed many things, however his approval rating is at an all time low. Is it because voters truly believed in 4 years he could create a ton of new jobs, turn the economy around and stop the war? Now that those promises have not quite been fulfilled, many voters don’t approve of the 44th president of the United States of America.

See for me voting for any politician is a lot like picking out a car. Some are bad for the environment, some are not, some are made for families, some are made for singles, some are made for the rich, and some for the poor; however we need them and choosing the right one that fits my needs is key. They’re not perfect, in fact far from it. Just like cars they need maintenance, they sometimes breakdown and often don’t live up to their glory, but do you trust them?  Trust in many cases has to be earned and my advice to voters is to let their politician earn their trust. Don’t expect miracles either, because as citizens our work is not done once we leave the voting booth. It is still our job to make a difference for what we believe in any way possible; whether its writing a letter to your local congressman, signing a petition,  organizing a rally or joining an organization.  The victory doesn’t come once your politician is sworn in. There are many battles to be fought on so many grounds, that is just the nature of politics. So this election season, ask yourself.. Do  you trust your politicians? & Do you trust yourself to stand up for whatever it is you believe in? Know the issues, know their platforms and make your voice heard in whatever way you can.

Knowledge is Power, Power is Possibility!


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