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Domestic Violence…

abusedI have watch this mornings interview on “Good Morning America” with Rihanna breaking her silence. Her Domestic Violence story comes stocked with loads of opinions. Her abuser, Chris Brown, has had several interviews but this one is Rihanna first, which will be followed up with a  “20/20” special tomorrow night on ABC, 10/9c. It is sad to hear young girls say “she deserve it”. Whether or not they are Chris Brown fans, statements like these are completely ignorant and not the kind of outlook young girls should have on Domestic Violence. I commend Rihanna for breaking her silence. Yes, the timing is impeccable, for her albums drops soon. However, that can not take away from the courage and obligation she has to her fans and millions who have only read skewed magazines and blogs on her story. The fact is there are millions of women and men who are victims of Domestic Violence. This morning I read a good friend of mines personal story and it touched my heart. Mzreport, is not a pop singer, just an ordinary person like me and you that has been effected my domestic violence. Please read HER STORY. She has not won a Grammy but should win a Purple Heart for her courage and strength. We cannot let the Chris Brown and Rihanna story mask the severity of domestic violence. It only takes one time to turn deadly. One in every four women will experience Domestic Violence in their lifetime and  in teens the numbers are rising. Let’s all be aware!!!!


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