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Drones in New York City ?!?!?


Drones… 3 feet wide with four propellers, sounds like something straight out of a Stars Wars movie. An unmanned robotic device, flying at high altitudes, crossing planes and hovering over millions. Except this is not a Hollywood Blockbuster, it’s real life. Yesterday a New York pilot reported seeing a drone near JFK just 200 feet from his plane. The FAA and FBI are asking for information about this unmanned aircraft. Some say it’s probably a hobbyist remote controlled gadget flying too high and others believe it could be a spy drone. Whether it’s an evil spy drone or some old guy flying his remote controlled aircraft 1,500 ft in the air, this is cause for concern. The skies are supposed to be regulated. The fact that an unmanned vehicle can get so close to a plane filled with passengers, is pretty scary. Imagine being in the window seat eating peanuts, reading US Weekly then out of nowhere you see a drone zooming right by your plane. Well, we might not have to imagine for long. Click Here and you can read the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, where the FAA has until 2015 to open the skies to commercial and civil drones.

Gives a whole new meaning to friendly skies

It’s a bird, It’s a plane It’s….

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