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Free Exchange!

NFL: Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots

 Yes, if you were a fan of former Patriot tight end, Aaron Hernandez, and bought his jersey, you can swap it for free. Click Here for your jersey swap online or at Gillette Stadium’s Patriot Pro Shop. Aaron Hernandez has been charged with first degree murder of Odin Llody and is currently in jail awaiting trail. Yesterday, authorities spent hours on a search related to the Hernandez investigation. Hernandez has also been tied to two other unrelated shootings. The New England Patriots had recently gave Hernandez a $40million extension on his contract and within a year he is off the team and behind bars. Most Americans can go to work everyday and never make $40 million. Yet, $40 million was not enough to keep Aaron Hernandez out of trouble. Now that same team is offering all their fans, a free exchange on any Hernandez jersey. The irony is, less than a year ago so many would of loved to have freely exchange their lives for his. $40 million contract, fame, fortune, what can be better than that? Well now Hernandez is in a jail cell, paying lawyer fees and can face up to life in prison.

As the saying goes… Mo Money, Mo Problems….

May our better be best and our best better…

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