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Giuliana Racist?

Giuliana Racist?

So Giuliana Rancic during E’s Fashion Police Oscar special yesterday night, made comments about actress Zendaya Coleman’s hair. Giuliana said the 18-year-old’s hair choice of locs made her look like she smelled of patchouli oil and weed.

So is Giuliana Rancic a Racist?

Defenders may pass the comment of as comedic. The truth is the comment is offensive and echoes one’s true thoughts and values.  Thoughts that stem from racism which continues to trash our culture.

Zendaya Coleman responds and calls Rancic’s comments out and expresses how many black women with locs, like myself, feel.


Giulana’s twitter apology (see below) tries to justify her comments instead of fully understanding the weight of her words.  There are racial undertones in her comments whether she intended it to be or not. All black guys in hoodies aren’t thugs,  just like all black women who wear locs don’t smell of weed. Giuliana Rancic you may or may not be racist but instead of saying you were referring to bohemian chic, excusing yourself, recognize why you have offended Zendaya and show you understand the implications of such remarks. Remarks that tear down many in the black community everyday.


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See this could be an opportunity for learning. The topic of race doesn’t have to me one filled with blame and shame but one of learning and progress. However, all parties have to be open minded and willing.  So many black women spend hundreds of thousands of dollars perming their hair, buying weaves and wigs because of society’s view of natural black hair. Those views add the push to Rancic’s comments which might have seemed funny to some but was hurtful to many.

In my opinion, locs are majestic and represent strength and beauty. Zendaya, one thing that Giuliana Rancic forgot to mention is you looked beautiful at the Oscars. As for Giuliana Rancic, you need to practice tact and learn from your missteps… in other words…. GETMOBETTER!!

What are your thoughts? Racist? Ignorance? or was it just a joke?

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