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In violence we forget who we are…

American Novelist, Mary McCarthy once said, “In violence we forget who we are”. As violence runs rapid across my community of Boston, MA, this quote is more meaningful to me today, than ever before. Violence is an evil exercised throughout the world. However, when violence hits close to home it takes you back and has a weird way of making you think. This past memorial day weekend 4 murders happened in my backyard. All young black people, one whom I knew personally and another only 14 years old. So I sit and think… have we forgotten who we are as a people and community?  When our youth continues to kill each other and resort to violence, have they forgotten who they are? The black plight is one of strength and bravery that comes from a land so rich and grand. We must not lose ourselves to a world of violence, division and poverty. Instead we must come together in positivity to advance ourselves through education, unity, support and love. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr. Nothing Good comes from violence! We all must come together, activist, community leaders, members, friends and family to save our people. Spread messages of peace, love and reverence for human life.  That is my dream!

True power comes from the person that posses knowledge not a gun. Let’s stop the violence!



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