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Is Sex Overrated????


I have heard my guy friends say it and I have heard my girl friends say it… “Sex is overrated!”. So I pose the question, is sex actually overrated? It’s fair to say we live in a society that over sexualizes everything in television, movies, the internet, advertisements, video games, products, you name it, you really can’t escape it. However, does that make the act of sex overrated? or does it depend on the individuals? I have heard so many people say it, it really makes me wonder. For after the climax, after the act is done, is it all just overpraised, overesteemed and magnified? True food for thought. I believe sex on its own can be good. However, when you add the bond, the art, the magic and true connection it can build, that can’t be overrated… Right?

What do you think??

Weigh in…

Is SEX Overrated???

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