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Medical Marijuana!

Sorry for not posting for a week. I have been on this natural high of creativity and inspiration and can’t seem to get down from it. I am not sure if I even want to. But this blog is a great way to continue to create. So, I am right back at it. My recent natural high has inspired this latest post. I have awaken the artist in me that paints, and writes, and plays her passions out everyday. But there are those that are sick with cancer and disease and their hunt for peace and remedy is stifled my Federal Laws. Marijuana is a natural remedy. Science has proven that many times over. Patients who use marijuana in many cases have a higher chance of recovery and can deal better with the harsh effects of treatments like Chemotherapy and Radiation. I read in an article this morning that the Federal Government is issuing a new medical marijuana policy that will allow the Feds only to pursue people who break both Federal and State Laws. There are 14 states that permit medical marijuana use. However, under the Bush Administration they could enforce anti-marijuana laws regardless of state laws. I think this is a step in the right direction. In my opinion 14 states aren’t enough, with the increasing rate of cancer, medical marijuana should be permitted in all states. I am not sparking up the old Willie Nelson debate (no pun intended). I am just thinking about the millions of Americans who are sick and are consider criminals if they choose to smoke medical marijuana to get them through the day, ease their pain, prevent vomiting etc. I think of them when I think of my natural high. In the US more than 1,500 people will die of cancer each day in 2009. Life is a lot shorter than one may think and in a modern world where cancer is becoming as common as ever, I cherish my passion, it’s my high, it’s my remedy. Amongst the heated healthcare debate, I will like to see Federal Laws allow all who are sick the right to cherish their natural high and remedy,MARIJUANA!!!


This video speaks volumes, Check it Out!!



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