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4.15.13 WordPress Under Attack ?!?!?


Yes, it is true. WordPress has been attacked by botnet computers, Click Here for more info. Botnets are a network of individual home computers, typically controlled my a criminal gang. Experts highly advise when you log-in on WordPress, to change your username and password. Hostgator indicated early today that even after the mass attack, attackers can maintain control after admin credentials have been changed. However, taking full precautionary measures is advised. This mass cyber attack is a big deal and experts say it can spawn a never before seen super-botnet. The unknown people behind this attack are using over 90,000 IP addresses. WordPress powers 17% of the world’s websites, so the effects are being felt on a global level.

Stay informed, Stay Protected!

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3.27.13 A Thank You to Chinua Achebe

Obit Achebe

On March 21, 2013, Chinua Acheba died at 82 years of age. When I read this news it instantly took me back to middle school. I was thirteen and I remember my English Teacher announcing that there was a new book we were being assigned to read. I even remember the first time I laid eyes on the yellow and red cover of Things Fall Apart, I fell in love. It was new and different from all the other books I had read. For starters all the names in the book sounded like my brothers’, and my cousins’ names. As I continued to read I fell even deeper in love, It took place in a country I visited summers as a child, a place my father called home. It was foreign and unknown to my classmates but a place that I loved.  When I found out who the author was and that like my dad he was born and raised in Nigeria, I was excited. As a thirteen year old girl to see your culture represented in a book that was required reading for your whole entire school, was a proud moment that I will never forget.

Chinua Achebe for me, like many others, was my introduction to African Literature. I went on to read his other novels and through the years I have stayed inspired by his writings and his love for his homeland. That very same love I have for my homeland and for my people. At thirteen years of age, I got to witness and experience the power of literature and how it can transform young minds. The very reason I write today is because of great authors like Chinua Achebe.

Thank you for inspiring that thirteen year old girl and Thank You for inspiring the whole world.

RIP Chinua Achebe- Thank You!


“My weapon is literature”- Chinua Achebe

Knowledge is Power & Power is Possibility



3.12.13 MO Money MO Problems ::: Doxxing

Michelle Obama


As of today, many news outlets are reporting that celebrities like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Ashton Kutcher, Britiney Spears and more have been victims of “doxxing”. Doxxing is defined as the act of identifying a person from a small bit of information such as an email address. Then “Doxers” use the email address to find phone numbers, addresses, real names, credit reports and other information of the target. Doxxing becomes illegal once the “Doxer” obtains non-public information and/or hacks into their social accounts like facebook, twitter, gmail and more. The number of celebrities that have been victims of this cyber crime is growing, including Sarah Palin, Donald Trump and even Michelle Obama. Their personal information has ended up on an undisclosed site and the FBI is investigating.

Doxxing shines light on how unsafe your information is online. Approximately 15 Million U.S. residents have their identity used fraudulently each year with financial losses totally about $50 billion. These number are growing with increasing use of social media. Not even the First Lady of the United States of America is exempt.  Experts say it is almost impossible to prevent identity theft, but you can protect yourself by paying for a monitoring service and not putting personal information on social sites. Public figures like celebrities are extremely susceptible to identity theft and cyber crimes like doxxing.

In this incident, it seems to still reign true, in the words of the late great Notorious B.I.G.

MO Money MO Problems….



3.12.13 Spafinder Presents::: Wellness Week


Spafinder along with their partners presents Wellness Week, March 11-17. Click Here to learn more about Wellness Week. All you have to do is just put in your zip code and find exclusive deals in your neighborhood. The coolest thing about Spafinder’s Wellness week, beside the great deals are the Wellness Week Pledges. These are seven pledges that in my opinion we all should take on beyond just this week…

  1. Change my breakfast
  2. Hydrate
  3. Choose to move
  4. Connect with nature
  5. Make my sleep a priority
  6. Embrace the power of touch
  7. Give the gift of silence

As a New Yorker who is always on the go, like many Americans, we do not take the proper time out to take care of ourselves. We are so consumed by our jobs and responsibilities that we end up living an unhealthy lifestyle. We are constantly inundated with day-to-day issues from finances to relationships, that we forget about number one. Over one-third of Adults and 12.5 million children and teens in the U.S. are obese. Taking the time out to eat a healthy breakfast, the most important meal of the day, connect with nature or simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator, can improve your health and wellness dramatically. So this week take the time out to consider these seven pledges and remember the most important asset in this world is …YOU!

So ask yourself, how can I improve my wellness?

Heath is Wealth!!

Knowledge is Power and Power is Possibility!!



3.11.13  ::: The Pope is No Joke


As of 2001 over 1 billion people have been baptized Catholic, making Catholicism the largest Christian denomination in the world. The Pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and this week 115 Cardinals will be meeting in Rome to vote on who will be the next pope. The Papacy is a very big deal, as the supreme spiritual leader of the Church and the Vatican’s head of state. With over 1 billion followers the Pope’s decisions can change multiple societies and impact people across the entire world. In addition, the Vatican’s worth is guessed to be over $15 billion, with no tax on their income. They also have large investments in banking, steal, chemicals, insurance, construction and real estate. This week will be a historical one not just for The Catholic Church but for the whole world. Click Here to see Time Magazine’s photo essay of the nominees.

The Pope is no Joke!

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3.7.13 ::: 10 Years::: Iraq War


Ugandan Slaves to U.S. Troops ::: The Iraq War

This month marks 10 years since the U.S. invaded Iraq. We hear U.S. political leaders talk on how they have made strides in Iraq, with voting and becoming more self reliant. However, what is the legacy that this war will leave the world? BBC reported in 2011 that over 100 Ugandan Women that went to Iraq in 2009 were unaccounted for. They went to Iraq to work for high wages and instead were bought, enslaved, raped and beaten. I remember when I first heard this story, I was in shock. How are Ugandan women being enslaved by Iraqi people… aren’t they in war? Click Here to read how one women escaped this horrible circumstance. Years later the story continues, many of these women are now saying that their “employers” might have profited from their body parts. Yes, body parts, some of the women say that they underwent surgical procedures without their consent. Click Here to read more of this ordeal. Today supposedly almost all of the women are no longer “working” in Iraq. From Ugandan women slaves to thousand of U.S. troops, the war in Iraq has been grave and grim. The numbers are even more horrid, as of January 2012…  $9 billion are unaccounted for or lost from the Iraq War, In 2009 $7.3 Billion was used monthly in Iraq. The US Troop casualties of the Iraq War is 4,487, 32,223 have been wounded and 30 % of US soldiers who served in the Iraq War have developed serious mental health problems within 4 months of returning home. Click here to read more Iraq War statistics and let’s not forget the normal war stuff like, torture, bombs, and the innocent women and children that have died. Corruption, human rights violations, casualties, over- spending, sounds like the legacy that this war will leave the world.. typical, right? I guess war is ugly no matter how you dress it. Ten years later, the war continues…

10 years ago I never thought the U.S. would still be in Iraq. I remember a time when the U.S. wasn’t involved in multiple wars, pumping billions of dollars and thousand of troops into the Middle East. Memories…

In the words of Chinese military General, Sun Tzu.. “All war is Deception”

Maybe this is the major war of my time, just like my parents had theirs, and their parents..

“Only the dead have seen the end of war” – George Santayana

* The above photo is taken by one of my favorite photographers, Jerome Daley of Associated Press

Knowledge is Power and Power is Possibilities!



3.6.13 ::::::  DRONES IN NEW YORK CITY?!?!


Drones… 3 feet wide with four propellers, sounds like something straight out of a Stars Wars movie. An unmanned robotic device, flying at high altitudes, crossing planes and hovering over millions. Except this is not a Hollywood Blockbuster, it’s real life. Yesterday a New York pilot reported seeing a drone near JFK just 200 feet from his plane. The FAA and FBI are asking for information about this unmanned aircraft. Some say it’s probably a hobbyist remote controlled gadget flying too high and others believe it could be a spy drone. Whether it’s an evil spy drone or some old guy flying his remote controlled aircraft 1,500 ft in the air, this is cause for concern. The skies are supposed to be regulated. The fact that an unmanned vehicle can get so close to a plane filled with passengers, is pretty scary. Imagine being in the window seat eating peanuts, reading US Weekly then out of nowhere you see a drone zooming right by your plane. Well, we might not have to imagine for long. Click Here and you can read the FAA Modernization and Reform Act of 2012, where the FAA has until 2015 to open the skies to commercial and civil drones.

Gives a whole new meaning to friendly skies

It’s a bird, It’s a plane It’s….

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