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Mo-NO::: 1 + WHERE ART THOU?????

MO-NO:: There’s only 1 you…

Mo -NO::1+ WHERE ART THOU???????

As much as I like news, sport, politics and art there is pretty much nothing I like more than love. Oh yes, I am a sucker for love, throw on a romantic comedy, bring me a fresh bouquet of orchids and you have me at hello lol. Yes I am a hopeless romantic, I was probably read too many happily ever after stories as a child. The Princess meets her Prince and they live happily ever after. Yeah Right! Happily Ever after in today’s world means the honey moon ends, she hates him, he resents her and they get a divorce. Or the Prince cheats on the Princess, then the Princess burns his clothes in his Mercedes-Benz, o hold up that’s a scene from Waiting to Exhale.  It’s all the same difference, you hear more stories of divorce, betrayal, resentment, child support and visitation than stories of triumph, partnership and anniversaries.  So Where..Where art thou? Does true love still exist in this crazy world?

Over 30,000 people have read by blog in the last 3 years…So I’m asking you guys and gals..

Do you all still believe in true love?  or  Are you jaded? or outright don’t believe?

Sharing is caring… unless it’s infection in that case don’t share. But leave a comment and share your stories, advice or plain old frustration.

See you next time!

MO-Luv <3


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