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Online dating vs. Real Life

The percentage of 25-34 year-old men who live with their parents has increased by nearly a third over the past five years.  Mama’s free home cooked meals and low rent isn’t a bad deal in a today’s tough economy. So what does this mean for relationships? Statistically men and women are increasingly marrying later in life. According to the US Census 99.6  million Americans over the age of 18 are unmarried, 44.9 percent are females. So what do these numbers tell us about today’s women and men? Things have definitely changed since the 1960’s. The household and relationship dynamics have definitely shifted in today’s World.

More people are online dating, approximately 40 million Americans and 52.4 percent are men. So is online dating easier than just connecting with people? Living in the largest city in America connecting with someone should be easy right? Ah NO! Thanks to technology and probably just plain old new york culture. People don’t just talk to other people anymore. Often people run around like their lives are more important than others, as they scroll through their iPhones and Andriods, never taking the time to say hi to their fellow neighbors. People stare at you with their headphones on during the morning commute and not once do they crack a smile. That’s New York for you. My favorite way to scare people is to just say hi… people automatically think I’m crazy or I want something from them. This city never sleeps and nor does the hustle and bustle of getting by.

So where is their room for love, for connection? Is that why online dating seems to be an undying trend? Is it easier to hit someone up on Facebook or Okcupid, than it is to talk to someone passing by? Wow times have indeed changed. Do you feel meeting someone online first is better than in real life? Either way whether it’s a person’s profile or a person trying to impress you, people lie and people don’t always have chemistry. I guess it depends on the person. I would much rather met someone in person first than online.17% of the 40 million people online dating have married in the last year and 20% are in committed relationships.

So there is hope for today’s Men and Women. Times are changing but change does not have to be a bad thing. Only time will tell.

Online Dating vs. Real Life :: Which method do you all feel you are more likely to find someone of substance, Mr. or Mrs. Right?

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