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Music & Sports!

As a news junkie I am constantly reading crazy headlines like, Afghan War, 30,000  new troops, Healthcare debate, and the media’s recent favorite, Tiger Woods.  Amongst redundant news about a pro golfers mistresses and politics the headlines about music and sports save me from the monotony. In music, last week Grammy nominations came out and it will be exciting to see who wins. This article talks about the nominees and artist who surprisingly were not nominated in specific categories. My money is on Taylor Swift, when Kanye West snatched the microphone out of her hands at the VMAs earlier this year,  he ironically handed her every award she has been nominated for since. Then there’s the heavy weights like Beyoncé and The Black Eye Peas which will probably win numerous awards. I love when artist get nominated that I don’t know, gives me an opportunity to discover some new tunes and possibly become a fan. Next is sports, there is nothing quite like it. My favorite is Football and as the playoffs are nearing it’s interesting to see the unpredictability of the game. In College Football The Heisman Trophy will be awarded this weekend and this article list the nominees. Many winners of this prestigious award have ended up becoming great  NFL players and it will be excited to see who will win. In addition, Basketball, Hockey, and Soccer are all currently supplying fans like me with awesome seasons. So, as a lover of politics and news, I must admit there is nothing as great as … Music and Sports!

May they both continue to entertain billions across this crazy world…


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