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My Radio!


I can remember being a young adolescent listening to the radio. I would get so excited when a MJ song came on and I would sing along to my favorite joints like Arrested Development’s”Everyday People” or Tupac’s “Keep your head up”. I remember loving the variety the radio stations would play, from Whitney Houston & Phil Collins to MC Hammer & LL Cool J. Now, I do not listen to the radio much. Being that my car radio doesn’t work and I would much rather listen to my iTunes packed with my playlists. However, once in a while the mood strikes and I turn on my radio. There is still the Oldies, Classical, Country, Soft & Classic Rock Music Stations. Both Chicago and Boston have lost their Jazz stations due to lack of funding, but there’s your ethnic music stations and of course, Talk, Sports and News radio. Amongst all the commercials and paid advertisement, there are the popular radio stations that play this sick cycle of mainstream music that consist of songs about meaningless sex and trivial messages. Every once in a while a DJ will spin some throwback greats to relieve the listeners from the monotony. Then there’s the stations that spew out song after song about relationship woes, off the hot 100. Take Soulja Boy for example, his danced-based radio hit “Crank Dat (Soulja Boy)” blasted him into stardom. Even Ellen Degeneres  had her entire audience doing “The Superman”, the Souljah boy dance about ejaculating on a woman’s back while she is asleep and then covering it up with a bed sheets. Or, take the radio king, Lil’ Wayne, whose radio hits consist of a song in which the chorus says,  “I wish I can fuck every girl in the world”. Where’s the variety? What happened to thought provoking music that fueled a generation’s fire? like the soundtrack of the 60s or music with a message. There are pressing issues going on across the globe. We are still a country at war and the numbers don’t lie, these are trying times. Since 12/07 the unemployment rate has increased from 7.6 million to 15.1 million. Yet still the most popular songs are about Sex and Money. In my opinion, in more ways than one, MY RADIO is a perplexing sign of the times. Ironically, if my radio didn’t have a clock, I would not even own one…

I am so interesting in knowing how you all feel about your radio. Please leave a comment!


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