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My Recession

IMG00461Many experts say that U.S. Recession has gotten better and that the worse has past. Some experts even say that the recession is basically over. My Recession has just begun. As a recent college graduate trying to start a career, my recession is far from over. My stimulus package consist of  hard work that hopefully leads to progress. Many are in their own recessions birthed by the global financial crisis. Many have gotten rich from “the recession”. Some are not in a recession at all, still buying loads of clothes and accessories, maxing out credit cards and going on vacations. Then there is me and the many like me. Recession is defined as the act of receding or withdrawing. But what happens if you have nothing to withdraw?  The recession can still take your confidence and possibilities if you allow it. I have friends that have gone on to post- graduate work in fear of starting their own recession. The recession for many young professionals has become this mystical monster. One thing that I have noticed is that this monster can force many to think outside of the box and evoke motivation and innovation. So I welcome My Recession. Ready or not !?!?


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