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O’ Africa…

Yesterday in Abuja, Nigeria, the headquarter of the United Nations was bombed and at least 18 people were killed.  That same day in Northern Nigeria,12 people had been killed in two banks and two police stations attacks. Local officials suspect radical islamist sec Boko Haram.

In Algeria, yesterday another suicide car bombing killed 18 people on a military Academy in the town of Cherchell. This attack come 12 days after a police station was bombed and 29 people were wounded which was claimed by Al- Qaeda.

In Libya, in the mist of their conflict they now face a severe shortage of water and medicine.

East Africa is still battling its worst drought in 60 years affecting over 12 million people. Somalia has been hit the hardest with most of the country under Rebel Islamist’s control and suffering from famine forcing people to flee to near by countries.

This is just a fraction of the issues and conflicts Africa as a continent faces. Nations gripped by poverty, starvation, disease, lack of aid, corrupted leaders and violent rebels, everyday live out these harsh realities.

O’ Africa how l love you. Famine, war, rebels, greed and violence shall not keep you down!!!

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