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My Radio!

I can remember being a young adolescent listening to the radio. I would get so excited when a MJ song came on and I would sing along to
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3 points!

If you haven’t seen it yet. Just take one hour out of your day to watch this documentary.I feel this Tracy McGrady!!!!! I decided to post this video
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The Missing!

One thing that always gets me excited around this time of year, is the fall TV show line up. This year somehow sticks out more than others. It
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My Recession

Many experts say that U.S. Recession has gotten better and that the worse has past. Some experts even say that the recession is basically over. My Recession has
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I am Mo!

I am many things.. we all are. For starters I am Mo. Mo is an artist, a poet, writer, lyricist , woman, daughter, sister, God mother, friend and
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