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captainjackThe pirates of Somalia are still at it, attacking an oil tanker yesterday. Reports show that these pirates have changed their strategies and tactics in recent months and are now focusing more on the Indian Ocean. The Somali Pirates made crazy headlines earlier this year and last, remaining a threat to boats both big and small. What many do not understand is the motivation for the piracy. Some blame it on the lack of government. Others blame it on the wast dumping that has plagued Somalia’s waters for years. European nations throw millions of tons of toxic waste in Somali Waters in exchange for money. This illegal and harmful act is the cause of many sicknesses people of this East Africa region die and suffer from. Waste dumping combined with overfishing, illegal fishing and lack of government fuels Somali Pirates. If your country was poorly ran and nations dumped toxic waste in your waters, while making a profits off your fish, would you become a Pirate? A modern day Jack Sparrow with a cause? Reality is these waters are very dangerous. It is not a Walt Disney movie and in fact it is very real… No swords and eye makeup, just AK-47s, ransoms and many men with a huge chip on their shoulders… “Pirates!”

This video is  such a real glimpse into the lives of Somali Pirates… Far from luxurious these “pirates” are real people…Check it Out!!!



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