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Quote of the Week!

This weeks quote is, Poverty strips you of your influence”

I am not sure who or where exactly I heard this quote, but it has stuck with me for years. The best way to keep a people down is to strip them of their influence, and that is exactly what poverty does. That is why education is so important. It opens doors and allows a way out of poverty. Influence is the greatest power a man can have. Influence is power and power is feared. Influence is the very reason why Obama doesn’t leave his Oval Office without Secret Service or the reason why The Pope had a special bullet-proof vehicle created for him when he visited America. Influence is big and once you have it, the power behind that influence can be limitless. Influence has helped many lives and killed even more. The poorer you are the less you have and the less you have, the less you matter in this world. Sounds harsh but the truth is just that. That’s why in these uncertain times, using the influence we have in a positive way is vital to our future and all those around us. Take a minute out of your day to think about your influence and the power influence has over you. What will you do with your influence?

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