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Reduced loan payments?

This past Thanksgiving many have realized how much they have to be thankful for. For example, if you have a job you are lucky, for there are millions who are unemployed and looking for work. If you have a house, you also should be thankful because the market is bad and foreclosures are as common as the cold. So this holiday season wouldn’t it be nice if the government could offer you and me some relief? Well this NY Times article talks about how the Obama Administration will start urging companies to reduce mortgage payments. Those who fail to lower payments will not get money from government. So this may mean relief for many struggling homeowners. Many critics say this will not make much of a difference; I say this is better than nothing. When the government can start thinking about helping the people instead of the banks, I am down. The only question I have, is why wasn’t this done sooner? More needs to be done to protect homeowners and hold mortgage companies accountable. In the meantime, I am very thankful. For in these tough times, me and so many others like me are still surviving.

What do you think about Mortgage Companies? and What else should the government do to help homeowners?

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