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Rethink Pink!

We are 25 days into National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a global campaign coordinated by major breast cancer charities every October to raise funds and increase awareness of this disease. The pink ribbon is the international symbol for Breast Cancer. The color is considered feminine in Western Society and represent qualities of traditional feminine gender roles therefore, since Breast Cancer primarily affects women, pink is identified with Breast Cancer Awareness. However, when you think of women diseases many forgot about other diseases that are becoming much more common.  Heart disease, Lung  Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease and Chronic Lower Respiratory disease, are all effecting women at high rates. Did you know that Colorectal Cancer is the second most common cancer among  Asian/Pacific Islanders and Hispanic Women and the third leading cause of cancer deaths among women of all races? Lung Cancer causes more cancer deaths among women than Breast Cancer. There are many risk factors for these diseases like smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diet, obesity, excessive alcohol and physical inactivity. So for the rest of this month and beyond, when you think pink, consider all the risk factor and health concerns women face. Make sure you know where you stand health wise and continually educate yourself about prevention.

So all women and men, let everyday be  awareness day!

Knowledge is Power and Power is Possibilities !


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