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Salute The Delay!



So you call your primary physician’s office to set up your annual physical check-up. The medical secretary informs you that the first available appointment isn’t until three months from now. Wow what a wait! Three months later, you leave work early and your ready for your annual exam. Your appointment is at 3pm and you’ve arrive 10minutes early. After all, early is on time and on time is late. 3:15pm rolls around and you check back in with secretary to make sure she knows you’ve been waiting. She lets you know that you will be seen momentarily. Well momentarily turns out to be an entire hour later. 4pm the nurse finally calls your name. By the time the nurse takes your blood pressure and weighs you, it’s 4:20. She leaves the room and 10 minutes later your doctor comes in. It took you 3 months from the time you booked your appointment and since you’ve arrived, 1 hour 40 minutes of waiting, just to see your doctor. It’s so frustrating how doctor’s offices always make you wait. You could probably get an earlier appointment with The Pope. Why the delay?

Delay is defined as the amount of time that you must wait for something that is late. The word delay generally has a negative connotation. I  don’t know many people or situations in where people enjoy a delay. For example, Rush Hour, for most drivers is torture. I’ve had moments in gridlock where I could just scream, especially if I have somewhere I really need to be. Delay is also a verb, to make something or someone late, to make someone or something take longer than expected or planned. Due to poor weather conditions your flight is delayed 4 hours. I don’t know what worse, being stuck in traffic, the doctor’s office waiting room or in the airport.

So this brings me to my generation, Generation Y, often referred to as Millennials.  We are the generation beginning from the early 1980s, to the early 2000s.  Many experts classify Millennials as “delayed”. Referred to by some as the Peter Pan Generation, due to the trend of delay adult transition. 30% of my generation lives at home with their parents. Unlike generations before us, Millennials are doing generally everything later, from marriage, to starting families and careers. Why the delay? Well there’s a whole plethora of reasons, like the recession, the economy, increasing cost of education, housing prices, lack of jobs opportunities, etc.

However, my real question is, why does a delay have to be bad? I honestly do not want my pilot flying a Boeing 747 in storm conditions. So even though I really need to get to my destination, I’ll take the delay. The delay may be the only reason I arrive to my destination safely. See it might appear like a set back, but a delay can be a set up. For example, many in generations before us, like the Baby Boomers, got married earlier and started careers earlier. However, majority of them got divorced and many became unhappy in their careers. As Millennials are slow in transitioning to these adult milestones, in our delay, we might actually get it right. What many have failed to see, is the silver lining. I see so many of my family, friends, and peers starting businesses, trying out new ideas, taking risk, falling and getting back up again. No they may not have a fancy house, kids, or a spouse, but they’re finding their way. After all, life is about growth. As delayed as Millennials may seem. I say, let’s salute the delay. Delay for many is preparation. The delay may be the defining difference in our generation’s future and can change the world as we know it, for the better.

So whether your 28 or 82, growth is apart of life. While your waiting in your delay, if you  discover, grow, learn and become better, then it’s all worth it.

So look to the future & Salute The Delay!!!

Knowledge is Power and Power is Possibility…

May our better be best and or best better!



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