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Should We Cut Anthony Weiner Some Slack?


The Media has been buzzing over Anthony Weiner. The former congressman resigned in 2011, after it came out that he had sent sexually suggestive pictures to a woman via Twitter. In May, Weiner announced he will be running for Mayor of New York City. Great, who doesn’t like a come back right? Well yesterday news broke of yet again, more “sexting” messages from Weiner.

So the MO-question is…Should we cut Anthony Weiner some slack?

Politicians former or not, just like athletes and entertainers, are often targeted by fans and admirers better know as, “groupies”. Many groupies are know to offer sexual favors in exchange for access to their money, lifestyle, popularity and notoriety. Some are simply attracted to their power. Unlike athletes and entertainers, politicians jobs are in public service and engaging in these types of behaviors can easily damage a political career. We know all too well the rumors and scandals that follow politicians, from J. Edgar Hoover and John F. Kennedy to Bill Clinton and John Edwards. We hold our political leaders in high regard and scoff at the idea of them being immoral. As far as we know, Anthony Weiner has not used any campaign funds on his “sexting” friends and he has not broken any US laws. However, for many moral law is more important.  In my opinion, one’s morals does say a lot about their character and character does shape a leader. However, I don’t think we should be so quick to write any politicians off, simply because they make mistakes. In this case, his “sexting” might not quite classified as a mistake and may be a sign of other deeper problems. At the end of the day, politicians are still people and come across many challenges due to their profession. It is the work that they do and what they stand for, that truly matters. John F. Kennedy was not any less of a leader because of his extra-marital affairs. As a voter, I am more concerned about their political platform and the changes they set out to make. Yet, there is no denying that the behaviors, morals and character of politicians do play a vital role in their careers and works.

So slack anyone?????

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