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STD/Sexual Awareness Month!

April is STD/Sexual Assault Month. So everyone should take the time out to gain some awareness and pass it along. STD & Sexual Assault are still taboo subjects for many.  Every 2 minutes in America someone is sexually assaulted. In 2008 over 1.2 million Americans contracted Chlamydia, the most common of all STDs. As common as STDs & Sexual Assault is, the awareness on it is not. There are still many people who do not get regularly tested and many people who do not know the severity of sexual assault. 60% of all sexual assault is not reported to the police. It is about time we all take the veil of STDs and Sexual Assault. There are many resources out their committed to helping and educating people on all subjects sexual. Visit your local community health center and stay informed.

For knowledge is power & power is possibility!


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