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Swine Flu Vaccine?

syringe1We all know that the Swine Flu is real. Whether are not it is as bad as the media is making it out to be, is up for debate. The numbers do not lie though, in one week in October the swine flu killed 16 kids. The normal flu kills between 46 and 88 children a year. The Swine Flu Vaccine is what is really up for debate. It was giving to the public before all clinical trials were done and many facts on the vaccine are still unclear. This NY Times article, discusses the different facts and advice on the controversial vaccine. The CDC reports that 114 children have died from Swine Flu complications since spring. Now, across the world, there are reports of Swine Flu Vaccine related deaths and shortages.

So, did you get your Swine Flu Vaccination? and if not… Will you ?

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