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The Fall Off Cycle

Finding the silver lining in the ups & downs 

As a blogger for a little over 4 years now, the challenge I seem to always face is what I like to call “the fall off cycle.” Many people face this challenge as well. You start doing something (in this case blogging), you’re on a roll doing it so consistently that it becomes apart of your life and then it slows down and eventually, “the fall off” comes. It went from %100 to %50 and then %0, a full on stop for some reason or another. The roll you were on you’ve fallen off of, it’s a cycle.

The Fall Off Cycle

I know so many people that face this challenge with everything from spirituality and motivation to fitness and business. You fall off, you get back on and then you fall off again. As exhausting and frustrating as this may be at times, the silvering lining is that no matter what, you never give up, you fall off but get back up again. So I’m back on. This morning I read Fast Company’s 50 Most Innovative Companies of 2014’s list and it motivated me. This article reminded me of the beauty in discovery and innovation, the very reasons I started blogging. When I graduated from college in 2009 it was the beginning of the recession. My senior year I remember doing a case study on Bear Sterns and the collapse of this prominent New York based global investment bank. The news was all grim and as a new college graduate trying to enter the work force, I faced my share of challenges. I started this blog as way to creatively branch out and it served as a pledge to myself that amongst all the worlds’ chaos, to always continue to discover and grown. Many of the companies on Fast Company’s list seem to have committed themselves to that very pledge I made over 4 years ago, to never stop creating, discovering and growing. They might have even been victims of “the fall off cycle” sometime or another, but they’ve made it through and are stronger, smarter and greater because of it.  Click here to read the 12 Innovative Lessons for 2014 by Robert Safian, these lessons shape the success of top companies and we all can use them in our daily pursuit of success & happiness.  So this concludes my first post of 2014, only took me 43 days to get back on. Just remember that we all may fall off but the beauty is in getting back up again. Whether you own a business, have a dream or have set goals, never give up.

 It all makes for a better story and the glory is in story!

May all our better be best and our best better….

Until the next fall off, Ciao!

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