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The Healthcare Debate…

healthcareNever have three periods meant so much. The on going Healthcare debate is one that is riddled with so many opinions and point of views, it’s like a drama that never ends. We all have heard the endless new stories and headlines… but what does it all really mean? In recent weeks we have heard that the Democrats have abandoned a public option. Congressman, Alan Grayson, has become a Youtube star with his house speeches against the Republican opposition. Then there’s the insurance companies anti-trust exemption which comes from, the McCarran- Ferguson Act, which was passed to “protect” state regulation of insurance companies. However, insurance companies need antitrust immunity like America needs a another war. So it is no surprise that  health insurance premiums have soared through the roof and there’s no competition. So wouldn’t that call for a public option? Some say the repeal of the anti-trust exemption act would not make much of a difference for the real problem is federal and their lack of involvement, never really holding insurance companies accountable.This NY Times article discusses how many recent Democrat and Republican speeches for/against healthcare are echoing each other because they are identical, written by lobbyist working for Genentech, one of the world’s largest biotechnology companies. So who should we believe? and Do they have the publics best interest at heart? I would say no. Hundreds die a day due to lack of insurance and a pubic options in the long run can save lives and money. However, a public option hasn’t even been fought for. The Democrats have 60 votes, however many Senators have to think of how their own political careers and finances that would tank if they voted for the people. Ironically the very premise of their job is the very reason they choose not to carry it out right. This White House blog post talks about how health insurance companies will continue to profit from the status quo and a watered down bill.

So what’s the real debate? and is this the real change we the people need…?


This is just the 1st step… is it in the right direction?


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