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The Last Shuttle Flight

11:29 am at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, The Space Shuttle Atlantis lifted off into space. This will be NASA’s final shuttle flight and the 30 year program will come to an end. The Agency has been downsizing for years and the shuttle program along with efforts to bring Americans back to the moon, have been cut.  However, this is not the end of NASA; they have been working closely with the Obama Administration and Congress to send new technology into space.  So is money the only reason why NASA’s Shuttle Program is ending? Many people question the real reason behind this historical program’s termination. Movies like the summer blockbuster,”Transformer 3 : Dark of the Moon”, plays off the “real” reason NASA has not gone back to the Moon. This box office hit even features astronaut Buzz Aldrin, captain of Apollo 11, which was the first manned lunar landing in history. Conspiracy or not, today The Last Shuttle Flight took place.

Safe journey and return to all that are aboard Atlantis.

For some cool facts about the Last Shuttle Flight & Atlantis click Here

If you missed it check out the video below!!!

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