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The Missing!

One thing that always gets me excited around this time of year, is the fall TV show line up. This year somehow sticks out more than others. It seems to me that the Dramas have gotten more tragic and real. On “Grey’s Anatomy”, George dies from saving a woman from a moving bus. “Flash Forward”, the new ABC hit, the world blacks out and sees a glimpse of their future both good & bad. A new show starring Christian Slater called, “The Forgotten”, follows a group of people dedicated in finding those that have been kidnapped. In addition, there are more murder and investigation shows ,with new deep plots & cases. I can’t help but to be reminded of the missing; not just the thousand that are abducted and physically missing, but the missing headlines and stories. Hurricane Katrina was 4 years ago, yet many are still homeless, kidnapped, broke and living in FEMA trailers due to the storm. Or , how about the everyday heroes that don’t enlist in the armed forces but still save lives. Where’s his/her bumper sticker? Now take the millions in Sudan, Chad & The Congo that are being raped and murdered my rebels everyday. These stories are missing, these people are missing. They are missing peace, comfort and help. So this fall TV show line up can be a good thing. If Hollywood and the big networks can make people think of something other than celebrities and fashion, and maybe spark a conversation to get people like me and you thinking. Then some of  the missing can be found and not forgotten!

The Missing inspire me a lot…Check out this Poem I performed across Chicago … We can all do something!


Mother Africa

by Mo Osinubi

A-I-D-S is transmitted from her breast and hidden in her breath
A mother that only gives birth to death
Only thing guaranteed in her life is stress
So what you need mama? ‘Cause you’re crouched to you knees
Stricken by disease, Malaria to HIV
Sick to the poor, Darfur, So many civil wars, can I mention more?
2.7 million infected babies, tomorrow is not for sure it’s more like a maybe
It’s crazy, mother may I, say I speak for the dumb, deaf and unheard
A broke college student so I give my words
For the 30% of the world’s illiterate
Millennium goals we must consider it
Because this cycle of poverty we must get rid of it
Extreme poverty keeps mom so stuck
She was raped for her riches, robbed and fucked
Her sons’ poor village boy legs arms are exchanged for a bomb, diamond, a gem, a charm
Help received but giving at a price
Corruption breeds and spreads like mice
Genocide people dying left and right
Families don’t know what they’re going to eat tonight
Lets start with the basics, clean water, education, meds for all races

I hate this, to see mama sick so often
Death by diarrhea left no coffin
80% of the Zimbabwe is all orphans no mom no dad, it’s quite sad
When is death not enough to stand up
is it in human life we trust ? or the mighty buck?
Mama was kidnapped for all her resources, she’s been through so many divorces
from England, France, most of European nations
now she’s the number one HIV patient
I’m anxious, to get mama well, like how she was before all her empires fell
Lets increase the aid & find a better way
Lets start now, not tomorrow, today


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