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The Naked Truth


You sleep through your alarm and you suddenly wake up out your sleep. Now you are in a rush and don’t have enough time to make one of those awesome green shakes in your blender, so you go for the next best thing, or so you think. You grab a Naked Juice at your local grocery store and you set out to seize the day. Naked Juices and many drinks like it are packed with fruit and all types of great ingredients, so how can you go wrong? Well Pepsico, maker of the popular “all natural” drink, announced they will no longer be labeling their drinks as “all natural”.  A lawsuit claimed that their ingredients did not qualify the drink as “all natural”. Some of their drinks are even labeled as having added vitamins, but the lawsuit claims that their vitamins are synthetic.  Pepsico paid $9million to settle the case. Pepsico is not the only company who has faced trouble with mislabeling of products as “all natural”. Naked Juices go for as much a $4 a bottle, so what are you really paying for? Many companies fail to be transparent when it comes to the ingredients placed in their products.  In addition, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) guidelines are vague on what’s consider natural and organic. So we the consumers are left to demand authenticity from the companies of the products we use. We deserve to know everything that goes into the products we consume. Mislabeling and false advertisement is wrong and this latest Naked Juice lawsuit is just a reminder that we can’t believe everything we read.

 We want the Naked Truth and nothing but the Naked Truth!

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