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The New Faces of Technology…

Yesterday Co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, died at 56. As the world reflects on the legacy and brilliance of Steve Jobs, the icon, I cannot help but wonder about the new faces of technology. At my young age I can remember the era of typewriters and floppy disk. I have had the awesome opportunity to witness and be apart of the amazing growth of technology. The mp3s, lab tops, Adobes, iPhones, Macs and iPads are huge jumps from the beginning days of computers.  Steve Jobs revolutionized technology, so who’s up next? I can think back to the days when the first cell phone amazed me, I could not fathom a phone that was sleek, slim, plays music and runs applications. However, decades later here we are. So looking forward to the future, I can only imagine the next inventions. What shall the next Steve Jobs create? How do these new faces of technology look and do they even know what they will embark on? I’m sure a young Steve Jobs in the 1970s creating the Apple I and II had no idea how far he would go. May Steve Job rest in peace and his legacy continue to inspire everyone, especially the new faces of technology.


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