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The Pope is No Joke!


As of 2001 over 1 billion people have been baptized Catholic, making Catholicism the largest Christian denomination in the world. The Pope is the leader of the Roman Catholic Church and this week 115 Cardinals will be meeting in Rome to vote on who will be the next pope. The Papacy is a very big deal, as the supreme spiritual leader of the Church and the Vatican’s head of state. With over 1 billion followers the Pope’s decisions can change multiple societies and impact people across the entire world. In addition, the Vatican’s worth is guessed to be over $15 billion, with no tax on their income. They also have large investments in banking, steal, chemicals, insurance, construction and real estate. This week will be a historical one not just for The Catholic Church but for the whole world. Click Here to see Time Magazine’s photo essay of the nominees.

The Pope is no Joke!

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