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The price to smell good…

This holiday seasons evokes the spirit of giving. There is nothing like a nice holiday card from friends and family or a big box wrapped with a ribbon, resting underneath the Christmas tree. One of my favorite gifts to give and receive are perfumes and cologne. It is the perfect gift. I love them in gifts sets with matching lotions and soaps, it’s a no brainer. Who doesn’t like to smell good? Well maybe this holiday season one should research what goes into the perfumes/cologne they buy and wear. The designer names are cool but many products contain harmful chemicals that you could neither spell nor pronounce. If you Click Here you will see the ingredients to the popular Hugo Boss Cologne. Cosmetic Animal Testing is also behind these chemicals. Every year cosmetic companies kill millions of animals for testing, even though they are not required to by the FDA. These methods are harsh. In the Draize test, animals like rabbits or cats are conscious while caustic chemicals are placed in their eyes. These animals often scream and break their own necks and backs to escape restraint. Science has shown that animal testing is inaccurate and in fact there are effective alternatives. However, animals are cheaper and less of a liability. I am not a member of PETA and probably never will be but the facts are real. That pricey bottle of cologne and perfume that you spray on your neck and dab on your wrist is more than what you see. There are cosmetic companies out there that don’t use harmful products & do not animal test. So this holiday season, get informed…



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