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The Real Rio !

If you ask me…Chicago did not stand a chance against Rio De Janeiro. The popular large city in Brazil is breath taking. With Tropical weather and a perfect mix of  contemporary and historical scenery, Rio is quite a unique city. Great beaches, large downtown, world cup stadium, natural attractions and architectural masterpieces, Rio looks like a winner, keywords looks. Around the edge of the city lies a whole different Rio. The Favelas are the shanty towns of Rio De Janeiro, original built for African slaves, many who live there are in invisible chains, blind to the naked eye. The Favelas are ran my drug lords, shoot-outs are daily and gangs crowd these over populated ghettos. You think Chicago’s bad? Violence and poverty imprisons these citizens. Many are black and all are poor.  Home to more than a million citizens, controlled by drug gangs and militia, these communities are missing from the “Rio 2016” website. This year the city started construction on a seven mile long concrete and steel wall around the Favelas.  Many claim this is the Government’s attempt to keep the residents of the Favelas separate from Rio society. Rio won’t be the first or the last city with deep social and political issues to host the Olympics. However,  I think it is important to use the spotlight to really see beneath all the glitz. When many people think of Brazil they think of the sexy Supermodel Giselle or perhaps their awesome beaches and soccer team. The truth is that none of those things fully represent the real Brazil.  The real Brazil has the largest population of African people outside of the continent of Africa. A people who live in Rio and beyond who are often poor, disenfranchised and left out of headlines, photos, and videos. So I urge everyone to get to know The Real Rio and keep the conversation going. Knowledge is power and power is possibility!!!!!!


City of God” great film, this is more than a movie, it’s real life for many, it’s  The Real Rio!!!! If you haven’t already, Check it out!


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