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What we see is not really real, in fact what is real we cannot see. For love, peace and faith are the things that keep me motivated and I cannot physically see these things at all. However, they are true and dear to me,  the very fabric of who I am and why I live. So this leads me to music. Last Thursday, Thanksgiving Day,  I released my first music project and I felt the greatest satisfaction and bliss one can have. For when I pressed play I could see the album art, I could even see the waves on my computer screen. However what I felt, the realest part, I could not see. It was the message that was real and a piece of me that I was giving to the world. Whether one or one million people hear it, that fact will always remain true. In a society where we focus on the superficial and looks, beauty and money determines one’s success, what is real is often taken for granted. In the end, all the superficial things are not real and we cannot take them with us when we pass. It is the love, health, peace and happiness that is real. It is the energy, the messages, the passion and care that holds true value. So whatever it is that you do, try to see what is truly real.

For what is real we cannot see with our eyes but with our hearts.

Click Here to listen & download Rise Of The Native

Also Below is Lupe Fiasco- Real #postinspired REALLY REAL!!!

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