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The Snowden Saga Continues…


Edward Snowden, the former technical contractor for the United States National Security Agency (NSA), who leaked top-secret details of the US mass surveillance program to the press, saga continues. A saga is defined as a very long story with dramatic events or parts and well the Snowden story is quite a saga. From his video confessions to talks of him going to China and Venezuela, Snowden’s story is filled with drama and scandal. Snowden currently remains in Russia. Last week US Attorney General, Eric Holder, sent a letter to Russia’s Minister of Justice, stating that Snowden will not face death penalty charges. Reports say that Snowden has a applied for temporary asylum in Russian, claiming that he will be tortured and face the death penalty if he were to come back to the United States. Snowden has single-handedly confirmed that the US has recorded millions of Americans and have access to our data. So Snowden’s trouble are far from over. What makes this story so interesting is Snowden himself… is he a whistle-blower? An enemy of the State? or a hero? What will happen to him next? I believe Russian will grant him asylum just to amuse the United States. EIther way it’s safe to say for now, the saga continues.

What do you think of The Snowden Saga?

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