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This Is Why The Black Panther Movie Means So Much To Us



Last Friday night during the first quarter of the NBA Finals Game 4, the trailer for Marvel Studio’s Black Panther movie premiered. It automatically created mass excitement but for Blacks it was beyond excitement, it was pure jubilation. So why did the Black Panther movie spark up so much excitement for Blacks? Why are Blacks beyond excited about the February 16th (one day before my birthday) movie release?  The first 9 mins of the above TEDx by Mallence Bart-Williams, author, filmmaker and designer, explains it all.  For so long Whites have controlled the narrative of Africa, a poor wildland. I remember as a child, my classmates would ask me, do we go on safari’s and is there running water in my father’s hometown? The truth is Africa is and has always been the richest land on this planet. Gold, oil, diamonds, iron, salt, cobalt, uranium, bauxite, silver, petroleum, coffee, salt, all naturally overflow through our grounds, yet the perception remains that Africa is a poor wildland.



The Black Panther trailer shows Africa in a beautiful light and black people around the world are so excited. Finally, a different narrative which is true. The fictional African nation of Wakanda represents Africa and Africa is the richest land on earth. If the African people charged market price for their goods, the West would be destabilized.  The big banks of all the “1st world” countries would crumble without Africa’s resources. The western world runs off of Africa, a truth that needs to be told. 

It’s about time we see images of the affluence and fortune of Africa in Hollywood. Plus a predominately black cast is unheard of for a movie of this magnitude. It’s not just a movie, it’s a demonstration of African strength and substance that is seldom witnessed on the big screen. That is precisely why the Black Panther movie means so much to us.

So next time you think of Africa, remember it’s the source, the engine running the west. It’s a mighty, rich land filled with so much beauty and treasure. It’s been exploited, abused, corrupted, degraded, raped, suffocated all for profits and power. However, it remains, we remain. Oh Mother Africa how I love you.- MObetter

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