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This War is Not Over!!!


This war is not over! The Bush days are but the War he started is not. Obama is nearing a crucial decision as Commander and Chief. Advisors say there is a need for large numbers of troops starting next year and a decision needs to be made soon. The military plan, that is currently in the works, calls for tens of thousands of more soldiers in Afghanistan. These soldiers are members of our communities and our families. Amongst all the talk of the recession, unemployment and healthcare, everyone should take the time out to think about the War our country is in. The War in Iraq is costing the US 100,000 dollars per minute. This means each minute this War can pay for a student’s college tuition, a cancer patient’s medical debt, or a laid- off worker’s mortgage. It seems like after 9/11 everyone thought about the troops and this crazy war. Six years later, I see less bumper stickers and less focus on a war that is still costing this country billions of dollars and thousands of lives. It’s not over…But I wish it was!

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