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Top 5 GMB Post of All Time!

Looking back…

On September 29th 2009 I wrote my first GMB post. It was  just three sentences long, introducing myself to the world.  Over 4 years later, GMB is still kicking. So in honor of throwback Thursday I have complied the top 5 post of all time. These post have been viewed thousand of times all over the world in countries as far as Australia and New Zealand, to The Philippines, India & Uganda. The top 5 post have been read a total of 11,901 times.

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So here are the Top 5  GMB Post of all time!

5.  The Real Rio – 824 reads

This post was written right after the Rio De Janeiro got the Olympic Bid to host the 2016 Olympics, I felt compelled to write this post after a girlfriend of mine said there were no black people in Brazil. Brazil has the largest population of Africans outside of the continent  of Africa. Many of these Africans are poor, disenfranchised and live in Favelas right outside of Rio. Knowledge is definitely power.

4. Music & Sports– 1,065 reads

This post I talked about my two favorite sections in the news, Music & Sports. I featured a linked to 2010 Grammy nominations which included Beyonce and Black Eye Peas.  I even included a link to Heisman trophy nominees, which featured the famous Tim Tebow. Wow 2009 seems like yesterday, time flies.

3. What has 2013 taught you -1,220 reads

I wrote this two months ago and decided to take a different introspective approach to Holidays. I decided instead of thinking about my accomplishments, to think of what 2013 has taught me. I found out 2013 taught me quite a bit, up and onward!

2. Children are our future -3,023 reads

One of the most popular pieces I have ever written, I still get emails regarding this post.  After reading an article about human trafficking, I decided to do some research.” May the very adversities our children face, fuel the fire that will burn it all away.”

1. Medical  Marijuana 5,769 reads

Here’s the big joint, lol, years before Colorado legalize it, I wrote this post. After many heart-felt comments and well over 50 emails I’ve received regarding this post, I had no idea how passionate people felt about Medical Marijuana. It’s not just about people getting high, in so many cases it’s about people receiving medicine as treatment for their illnesses. May the movement continue.

Knowledge is Power & Power is Possibilities

May the journey continue…

May our better be best and our best better…


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