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War on Corruption!

Africa_poverty-383x480On my earlier posts we discussed the extreme poverty in countries like Sudan, who strive for peace and aid. The comments that were left shed light on a bigger problem than hunger and violence, corruption. A problem that has taken Africa by the loins and prevented it from reproducing an abundant harvest of life and financial growth, independent from the Western world. This BBC article,8327721.stm, talks about the struggle of Sudan and though they have made billions in oil revenue the country still faces extreme poverty, hunger and lack of aid.  The war is not on poverty like the Millennial Development Goals focused on. The war is on the corruption that breeds extreme poverty. I would love to see the corrupted governments and leaders pay for the genocide they evoke. All the African people that have died at the hands of corruption, I think of you. I look forward to the day where all the ruthless will be held accountable.

So I support the War on Corruption! May the enemy be defeated!

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