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What happens to a dream deferred?

So, What really happens to a dream deferred? Langston Hughes posed the question and tried answering it in his 1951 poem, A Dream Deferred. Now nearly 60 years later I pose the same questions. In today’s tough times between The Global Economic Crisis, Famine, Cancer, War and Poverty, many have been forced to defer their dreams. The U.S. unemployment rate just dropped to 9% and economist predict and even lower drop in 2012. Many people are stuck at dead-end jobs or worse in an unemployment line. Though money is not everything we all need it to live and because of these tough times many people are struggling. For the new generation who are becoming adults in todays financial climate, many young adults have put their dreams on hold and with soaring tuition fees even higher education is becoming unaffordable for many. So, what happens to a dream deferred? What happens to a generation that will be riddled with debt, a slow housing market and a shaky economy? Do these times give this upcoming generation more fuel to reach for the stars or does it stifle their dreams and creativity?  Langston Hughes was definitely on to something and I challenge all of us to ask ourselves this very question. We don’t have to accept reality, we in fact can change it. It all starts with a dream and the strength and courage to reach it. I have asked myself that question and the answer is one I will not let occur. For me my dreams are my life and deferring them is not an option. So whatever it is that the future may hold, make sure you make it happen.

” I have discovered that there are ways of getting almost anywhere you want to go. If you really, want to go” – Langston Hughes

You can do it!

FYI- The pic is Dali (1933) The Dream Approaches 

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Knowledge is Power and Power is Possibilities!

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