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What has 2013 taught you?


As we march into the last month of 2013, what has this year taught you? Everyone says life is too short, but to me the process is long. This process, the process of growing, grasping and making something of ourselves. As a young professional living in New York City, the possibilities seem endless and restrictive, all at the same time.

A wise man once said, to be lost is to find the way. I like to look at life as a journey. Sometimes it’s hard not to measure ourselves by the social standards of success and happiness. So as I reflect on the 11 months passed, I’m going to use the last few weeks left to think of what I’ve learned, opposed to what I’ve accomplished. Yes, accomplishments are great, but learning is even greater and can be consider an accomplishment within itself. Learning leads to discovery and when we discover, we grown.

So I’m going to do something different this holiday season. I’m writing a list of everything that 2013 has taught me, the good, the bad and the ugly. No I didn’t gross $1,000,000 this year, wamp wamp… maybe in 2014. However, so far I can say I’ve learned so very much. See what I’ve learned, for me, is far more valuable. I’m so grateful for what this year has taught me and it’s time to start a new season. I can’t cash my lessons in the bank but it’s fuel to my rocket. 2014 will be the BLaSt OfF!

So as we look ahead, stop to look back and let our journey, this process, and all the lessons of 2013, be the very things that guide us to our destiny, prosperity, purpose, joy and fulfillment.

May our better be best and our best better…


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